Eggless Menu as Food Allergy-Friendly Dessert

Who said it always be troublesome to find suitable menu for your food-allergy boy? Well, if you keep saying that it is a difficult work with plenty work of it, it seems like you need to try new strategy for family-allergy meals. It is by planning everyday menu which is not only going to fit your entire family’s taste, but also safe as food-allergy meals. This plan menu starts with exclude any ingredient estimated as allergic-triggered, and then make your own recipe by adjusted the taste. Actually, there are a lot of recipe you can try such as the eggless cake which can be perfectly fine propose as everyday dessert for your whole family.

Of course, you do not have to hesitate because as its given name, an eggless cake is literary a cake without using eggs as its main ingredient. However, the key of baking an eggless cake in success is choose the perfect ingredients to substitute the specific characteristic of eggs on your eggless dish. As you know, there are various dish in which you can implement the eggless recipes, such as eggless cookie batter, eggless brownies, eggless pancakes, and so on. Then, your next job is choosing, among vinegar, baking soda, applesauce, and yoghurt, which is the perfect egg-substitute for your dish.

In the other hand, you do not need to worry because eggless cake will taste as delicious as the common cake with eggs, and also has a moist and fluffy texture as the conventional one. That is why, this eggless recipe is not only safe for your food-allergy boy, but also easy to make as being recommended as first cake for beginners. In the other hand, whenever you have mastered the eggless recipe, you are ready to hit the next level by adding various desired-ingredients used as an experiment.