Great Things To Do In Indonesia You Shouldn’t Skip

Offering you various travel destination to visit, surely there are many great things to do in Indonesia that await you. From pristine ocean water, magnificent volcanoes, fascinating culture, to mouthwatering foods, you will have so much fun in Indonesia. Indonesia gain its popularity through its beautiful beaches and underwater creatures.

Snorkeling and diving become interesting things to do in Indonesia to admire the scenic underwater view. Good for you, Indonesia backs you up with wide array of options as your best spot to dive or to snorkel, including Bali, Lombok, Sulawesi, and more. Foods and drinks should be your another to do list while visiting Indonesia. Depending on which Indonesia that you visit you will experience different kind of foods.

Shopping is one among other things to do Indonesia, asking why? The markets are like souvenir paradise where you can find a bit of everything starting from unique crafts , fabrics, jewelries, and anything else. Traditional market is worth mentioning, but be sure that you tag along someone that is familiar with the place. Art performance like Angklung, historical landmarks, museum, and many more will enrich your travel experience. It requires more than weeks to embrace all the great things offer by the country, nevertheless by planning your destination properly, a short time that you have, is adequate.